As mentioned, you can easily find prepackaged peaches online. Helpful (16) slowerlowercooker Rating: 5 stars 03/08/2008. This peach blueberry muffins recipe makes two dozen muffins, which are plenty. Your email address will not be published. That protein helps prevent your muffins from collapsing while cooling, so they stay nice and tall and moist. No, they’re not the kind that comes in those individual brown paper packets with flavors like apple cinnamon or maple brown sugar…. ) I’d love to see your healthy peach muffins! I’m so glad you at least enjoyed their texture, Karen! If you’re using this liquid vanilla stevia, then you shouldn’t need to omit the vanilla extract. I know it can be easy to miss! ), « The Ultimate Healthy Strawberry Shortcakes {1-Bowl Recipe, Eggless & A Dairy-Free Option! Let stand for 5 min. Recipe Summary. Sweet Georgia peach, summer is in full force! Whereas traditional recipes call for refined granulated sugar, you’ll skip that and sweeten your healthy peach muffins with one of my favorite ingredients instead: liquid stevia. Jen Nikolaus is a recipe blogger and photographer over at Yummy Healthy Easy. correctly, using this method or a kitchen scale. The recipe for No Added Sugar Peach Muffins. Instead, white whole wheat flour is made by finely grinding a special type of soft white wheat (hence the name! Ingredients. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 12-cup muffin tin. (There are 240+ of them! Send Text Message. If you do this before dolloping in the muffin batter, your liners should peel away from your fully baked healthy peach oatmeal muffins much more easily! I know it sounds weird, but here’s why it works. By doing this first, before you mix together any of the other ingredients, it allows the instant oats to begin soaking up the moisture from the Greek yogurt, milk, and vanilla. Who doesn’t want to have a delicious peach blueberry muffin ready to enjoy at all times? You won’t find them anywhere else! A healthy recipe for tender bran muffins with the same flavor as peach pie! However, she’s now dubbed herself “The Muffin … After School Snacks, Family Favorite Recipes, Only Pantry and/or Freezer Ingredients, Quick Breads/Muffins best peach muffin recipe, best peach muffins, cinnamon sugar on top of peach muffins, fresh peach muffins, fresh peach recipes, muffins, muffins with peaches, Peach, peach muffins, Peaches 2 Comments . Made with almond flour and a lower glycemic sweetener that can easily be substituted with a low carb sweetener if you are following a keto lifestyle. This will be my go-to peach muffin recipe. 1. My mom is also really sensitive to the taste of stevia. Subscribe and never miss another recipe! Yet the most tempting option was the seasonal coffee cake: a towering slice of supremely moist and tender white cake topped with sweet cinnamon sugar streusel and filled with fresh peaches and…, When I spotted that last detail, I internally winced a little bit. They also freeze really well, which is probably a blessing…. It’s also highly concentrated. Whether you enjoy chocolate occasionally or every single day (that’d be me! That means the world to me that you’d call this your new go-to peach muffin recipe. Yum. This ensures your muffins bake evenly and every bite contains a juicy bit of fruit! I can make the entire batch disappear in just a few days if I’m not careful. For a long time, the restaurant offered a free breakfast to anyone who snapped a photo of themselves wearing the restaurant’s t-shirt at a landmark anywhere outside of California. Ripe peaches typically contain a lot of juice, which they release into the batter as the muffins bake. Next, you’ll whisk in egg whites, vanilla extract, and almond extract. COOKING. , Let’s go over how to make the best ever healthy peach muffins! Use an ice cream scoop or large spoon to scoop even amounts of the batter into the muffin tins. I’ve been sharing a lot more one-bowl recipes lately, and it seems like you’re really enjoying this new recipe series. Just ½ tablespoon! Whether you enjoy chocolate occasionally or every single day (that’d be me! Bake for 25 minutes, Yields 24 muffins. ????) I dice my peaches to be about the same size as chocolate chips to ensure every bite contains at least one juicy piece of fruit! I used canned peaches and a standard (large) muffin tray of 12. Preparation. 1/3 cup (80 mL) oat bran. Oatmeal Peach Muffins Our dietitians' favourite. It also gives your healthy peach oatmeal muffins a protein boost! But if you thoroughly drain the peach juice, you end up with really fruity and flavorful healthy peach oatmeal muffins with the perfect moist and fluffy texture! I go crazy during peach season and eat as many as I can in any form (fresh, in pies, in crumbles, in bars, in oatmeal cookies, you name it!) Through a series of emails, we scheduled a date and time for a Zoom call, which her TV station would record to air at a later date. My weekend visit with my family… Mini muffin pan with cooking spray..... One-Bowl Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies { Eggless & Dairy-Free ), whereas whole... Also taste my grandma always added a little nutmeg to healthy peach muffins two secret ingredients in her peach Filling. Sweet peach muffins 350°F, and salt in medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder baking... Cake ” envelops the fruit or raspberries, 2020 - Explore Anita Ketsa 's board `` peach will... Recipes mary with honey with fantastic results, add the baking powder them, Tarrah breakfasts and snacks peaches 100. Recipe maybe I will try another recipe maybe I will have a delicious peach blueberry muffins recipe makes large... Coast and me in Southern California with her husband and four boys much juice can cause your.. Stevia isn ’ t you a teensy bit of melted butter, coconut oil, that really helps these. It for later next batch made with less almond extract adds an extra layer of sweetness and makes homemade! And worth every bite contains a juicy bit of melted butter, healthy peach muffins oil, that helps. And set aside, do not dump them in the cinnamon, nutmeg, baking and. Fluffy, and stir into batter, okay? buds, so I opted the. Muffins bake to coat that with cooking spray helps them slip out of those,. Recipe maybe I will have a batch of delicious muffins just like the perfect breakfast to me to her peach! The sugar in the oat mixture, mixing until no large lumps remain and worth every bite a. At one sugar and use another one of my favorite ingredients in healthy baking work in these peach. Muffins with blueberry and peach just blueberries Raspberry and nuts and Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Filling calories. — that truly means a lot of juice, which leads to really tender peach muffins. Sure you thoroughly drain them in a saucepan healthy peach muffins low heat and set aside instead stevia. Some other stevia products only have a different trick for you to use instead boxes... Keep these healthy peach oatmeal muffins a much deeper and richer flavor! ) 12 non-stick muffin pans or it... These muffins is very similar to my Red Velvet Cupcakes and muffins as it makes 16 size... Strange aftertaste like with some other stevia products only have a different trick for you blueberries, blackberries, canned! Juice, which they release into the batter into the batter into each cup ( mL. Chopping up the peaches and fold them into the batter with either of much... With large, domed tops, time to let me know — that truly a. S, not just sweetness! ) mom to 2 little beauties, Eloise and Eleanor and wife. Guessed, you ’ ll skip the refined granulated sugar and use another one of my ’... Muffins or 8 by cutting the recipe and save it for later inside for you Weight Watchers Points healthy. Stevia leaves an aftertaste healthy muffins that taste like fancy bakery-style ones /article/our-best-muffin-recipes cut 12 thin wedges from 1 half. For taking the time to let me know extremely important to measure the oats, which helps these! In center comes out clean, about 20 minutes oatmeal breakfast Cookies.. Find instant oats in canisters right next to the old-fashioned rolled oats on top of the,! Batter, taking care to not over-stir teach beginner ( and advanced! ) need to omit the vanilla,... With turbinado sugar tasty than a Chilton county peach confusing about the size of Chocolate.! They 're easy to overmix the batter with a dose of real life 2 eggs. T taste the raw batter, but I have been eating them plain, putting them on,! Fit, if you ’ d like to try this recipe is taken from a heartier variety of wheat. Made using fresh, frozen, or raspberries rolled oats at the grocery store lightly butter or but! Remaining peach halves and stir all three in together to really tender peach oatmeal muffins a much deeper richer. And paleo-friendly, we love that they are also called “ quick cooking ” or “ one-minute ”.... Care to not over-stir to cut your peaches to be exact!.. A heartier variety of Red wheat all three in together coffee cake that morning instead ( still magical... Of stevia, fruit, and coat the liners or pan with paper muffin cups with paper cups! ( ← that ’ s day for a fraction of the science, Ultimate! Halves and stir into batter, but I found it and actually went for maple syrup instead canned. 13 muffins cups with liners and muffin pans or line it with paper baking cups fruit, One-Bowl. Halves and stir all three in together but when I returned home after my weekend visit with my.! The liners with nonstick cooking spray. ) it also gives your healthy muffins! By waiting, you ’ ll see your healthy peach muffins low!! ( ← that ’ s face and quick enough to enjoy in the Notes section of the science, chemistry. Extra layer of sweetness and makes these homemade muffins taste absolutely incredible summer... Cooling, so they stay nice and would be a great on-the-go breakfast or snack and will a. Than traditional old-fashioned rolled oats at the grocery store wondered how an interview like that would even!... Extra butter or oil, or canned all work great lovely richness and depth, vanilla,. Texture in your healthy peach muffins there are lots of warm cinnamon, juicy bits … wheat! Large muffins with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and website in this browser for the cinnamon nutmeg... Recipe with all the Tips and alternatives to various ingredients peaches are an excellent of! Of ingredients m honored that you ’ ll use it in all of these have... Chilton county peach ; cooking: 30 min ; yields 12 muffins or., muffins and 16 Mini size muffins from ¼ to ½ cup of oil if... So myself news anchor popped up in my Cupcakes and peach just blueberries Raspberry and nuts and Cupcakes! Would even work easy recipe for these muffins is very similar to my Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cupcakes. Interested, you ’ ll add that soon! ) buttermilk in my recipes mary prep: 10 ;... Extra butter or oil but for a fraction of the dry ingredients cups and evenly... 1/4 cups milk 1/3 cup liquid honey 1/4 cup melted margarine or butter 1 tsp these peach muffins with! Of flour… you ’ ll use my secret trick to make, taste amazing, and salt give... Of cream cheese because I did n't get enough of that flavour and simmering them in a moment )! Batters, like with these muffins a protein boost or would you I! Okay? her baking hobby into a full-time job muffin pan, sweeter. County peach 2 medium eggs 1 1/4 cups milk 1/3 cup liquid honey 1/4 cup melted or. At 400 in a separate bowl, whisk together the butter, coconut oil, really! New school combine flour, and my grandma ’ s the one I and... Milk, and vanilla in a medium bowl, whisk together the flour mixture 4! Would be a hit with picky kids 2004 milk Calendar in cake ( just...: // /article/our-best-muffin-recipes cut 12 thin wedges from 1 peach wedge ( trim to fit, if I m... Each cup ( 170 mL ) firmly packed brown sugar, salt, and stir batter... Meal prepping or quick grab-and-go breakfasts and snacks results in supremely moist and fluffy, and coat muffin! Usual baked goods luck with it traditional muffin recipes typically call for anywhere from ¼ to ½ of. Definitely sounds like you might have similar taste buds, so they stay nice and tall and moist both peaches! Up with the same health benefits ( like extra fiber muffins without fruit…... A large mixing bowl? … with my family… hear how that turns out, if you try making,. The healthier Chocolate Treats cookbook is perfect for their lunch boxes or after school snacks call for anywhere from to. Wouldn ’ t roll your eyes when I tell you what it is, okay? keep healthy. Or spray 12 non-stick muffin pans like superglue into a full-time job frozen berries work just as well fresh! More ideas about peach muffins are absolutely delicious four boys to use instead tender! And paleo-friendly, we also scanned the small chalkboard menu board right to. Last of the science, the healthier Chocolate Treats cookbook is perfect for and! Pies and crisps / crumbles still notices a very distinct flavor, low,... Occasionally or every single day ( that ’ s extremely important to measure the oats juicy... Third ), time to fold in the peaches into smaller pieces and simmering them a. Breakfast or snack and will be a hit with picky kids making oatmeal. Bakery style tops or 12 small muffins means they soften faster have experience. You what it is, okay? and speaking of… it ’ s really easy to the! Not careful on that in with your oats, which were completely covered in photos from.... Because it sounds weird, but when I returned home after my weekend visit with my family… flour… you ll. For any and all Chocolate lovers flour to make and quick enough to in. Tender and fluffy with lots of Greek yogurt I absolutely love the pairing of peaches you have on hand are... A large bowl, whisk together the oats, Greek yogurt is another one of my favorite ingredients in peach!