Limang-dahon Bell orchid Tubo Binunga Yellow trumpet bush Makikitot Pale sundew Parol-parolan Talilong Some cats, far from being repelled, eat the mothballs and make themselves sick. Doña Aurora Dutchman's pipe Riverhemp Darak Coffee Chinese strawberry Chinese bush carrot Subsuban Fly amanita Velvet apple Sanke Piris Abutra Silverleaf Passion flower Pudding pipe tree Zamia Trailing maidenhair On the few sites when there did seem to be some sort of proof, either positive or negative, it always seems to be purely anecdotal, like: “Well, I grow plant X in my garden and I don’t have a cat problem.” Yes, but neither do many gardeners who don’t knowingly grow repellent plants. Money tree Bird's-nest fern From shop SucculentStylist. Tañgisang-bayauak Wandering jew Biri Shallot, garden shallot Placing a pot next to her water bowl didn’t dissuade her in the least, but she did sniff my fingers more willingly than Geisha after I had rubbed the leaves and didn’t seem put off. Will mothballs deter dogs? Tuba-tuba Turpeth root Indian borage Ipil-ipil K Marjoram False mallow Scaredy Cat (Coleus Canina) -Neighborhood cats and dogs will learn to avoid your garden, not to mention the occasional rabbit and fox, if you plant these around. Malatalong Jerusalem cherry Balaniu Wild cinnamon White pumpkin For instance, some plants (for details scroll down) can harm your pets’ health and even cause death. Kodo millet Cinnamon Alibangbang Kadios Half-hardy Perennial. Chickenweed Granada Lady palm Scaredy cat plant coleus canina Keep cats out of your yard! Taro Pitch pine Brunfelsia Mangrove trumpet tree Parsley Frangipani Kilob Dila-dila Malabago Coleus is a tropical perennial plant that is normally grown as an annual by gardeners who live north of USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. Molave Ualisualisan Lead wort Jack fruit Bogo Lilac tasselflower Abuhab-baging Rosas de Japon Pasau Matang-hipon Star of Bethlehem Wlld ginger Dalupang Juniper In fact, she’d often lean against it when she slept. Orchid tree Bugleweed Tsampakang pula Bias-pugo Nami Buhok ni Ester Sansau Ivy-rue The smells of lavender, rue, pennyroyal, marigold and Coleus canina, for instance, drive cats away. Tiwi Kangitngit Tagak-tagak Cloves Dao Kalayo Susong-kalabau Caesar weed Alambangbang Agi Yellow dots Bamboo ginger Duhata Tina-tinaan Tamarind Pepper Chinese cabbage Butterfly tree Kalumpang Sometimes you’ll see plants that are that are supposed repel cats and dogs and keep them out of the garden due to their repulsive smell. False primrose A las cuatro Sea mango A nyár folyamán szép liláskék virágzatot növeszt. Coral tree Lettuce Love vine Talong-Siam Batino Touch-me-not Putokan Labuag Nagyobb cserépbe, vagy kertbe kiültetve is tarthatjuk. Vetiver Tonghoy Oliba Dumb-cane Sugar apple Kolinta ), also sometimes recommended for keeping cats away. Anabiong False bird of paradise Mango However, there is rue (Ruta graveolens) that apparently repels cats (but not dogs or other mammals). Anonang South Sea Rose Mugwort Alambrillo Red-stem fig Cashew Hauili fig tree Tabako Wegwood, wormwood O Silver dollar tree Upang Mali Koron-koron White gourd melon Moreover, rue is used as a medicinal plant and even a condiment in some countries, although it should be used very sparingly, since it can cause gastric problems or even death if consumed in important quantities. Tibatib Human hair will work too… on feral cats. Kratom Beggar ticks, bur marigold Luyang-dilaw Baino Kape Aratiles Sissoo EU countries may restrict the marketing of a product through specific legislation. Z Devil's cotton Akapulko African tulip F Soldier's orchid Eine Kampagne von earthlink e.V. Kauayan-kiling Black bamboo Rose Nitong pula Monarch fern Johey oak Bastard mustard Indian banyan tree Common club moss Stinking toe Marijuana Sage leaf alangium Dikit-dikit Even if you turn to sites hosted by veterinarians, where you think there would be something more concrete, you find a mix of responses. Buddhist pine Golden penda Blood flower Mayana, Melendres Damong-bingkalat Hagonoi Nut grass Balatbat-bilog Chinese honeysuckle Heart pea Arrowroot Blumea camphor Taragon The root is used as medicine. Indian hydrocotyle Hedyotis auricularia Giant potato tree Bowstring hemp Indian marshweed M Coleus Mixture Colors Perennial Ornamental Plant seeds . Keeled clubmoss Bakwit of Philippine Medicinal Plants with Chinese Names. Whisk fern Common arnica Lolly fruit Agoho In warmest regions, Coleus canina forms a handy groundcover critter barrier. Common arrowhead Coleus Canina is incredibly easy to grow and will thrive on a high degree of neglect because it is a naturally drought tolerant plant. Tree of India Source: Gliricidia The plant produces it to repel insect pests and grazing mammals … but the scent itself isn’t really what keeps them away: it’s the bitter compounds in the leaves that insects and certain mammals avoid. East Indian globe thistle Maraotong One site recommends using taller repellent plants as being more effective, as cats simply jump right over short ones. Pandakaking-Tsina Buddha belly bamboo Also known as the "Scaredy Cat" plant, it has a reputation for repelling pest animals and pets from the garden, as well as mosquitoes. Mullumbimby couch Fringed spiderflower Chinese ixora Igat-igat Coleus Ava's Grace . Star jasmine Sampagitang-sunsong Oil palm tree W I tested rue (Ruta graveolens) at the same time. Some even die. Pasau-na-bilog Angel's locks Strawberry Wild yam root Creeping fig Kamia Tagbak Pakpak Lawin Polynesian chestnut Jasmin Hedyotis costata Balete Pipino Arrowhead vine $18.00. Bulak-damo Coralbush Sarsaparillang-china Galeria Kuisia Sweet broom Guyabano Apple Buntot-kapon Buding Corazon de Maria Papaya Coca bush Paayap Common leucas Pasyonaryo grass This series shows how you can save money on plants by taking cuttings, including growth development and transplanting. Fever nut Sacred bamboo Mala-ulasiman aso Don Manuel Speargrass Chiku tree Sanchezia Fishtail palm Devil's tail Desert horsepurslane Tayum Supa Silky oak Coast finger grass When brushed or broken, the leaves and stem of this perennial plant release a foul odor similar to a skunk spray. Tanglehead Fennel Mulberry Put Amuyon It is a non-exhaustive list and serves as orientation on whether a product will need an authorisation under the Novel Food Regulation. Calappa Rosas Malayan Spurge Watermelon V Kulasi Lima-lima Gogo Coral tree Balabat Daynon Kamariang-sungsong Rain lily Bengal hemp I Personally, the cats and dogs in my neighborhood never bother my garden, so I have no need for any kind of pet repellent. Kalingag tree When the sun is not present, such as in the evening or on cloudy days, there is no unpleasant reaction. Common spinach Orchid tree Salab Devil tree Marsh fleabane Sampaguita Tagulinaw Violet, sweet-violet Salimbagat Coleus needs well-draining soil. Apulid Stitch plant Vízigénye közepes, meghálálja a rendszeres öntözést. Eucalyptus Wash-rag sponge Gabi Korokorosan Mustasa Kula grid. Almaciga Dusol Antipolo Bridal couch plant T Acacia crassicarpa Lantana Bataw Harangan Arnica Lesser yam Also, children may mistake them for candy. Rice bran Alabong Tagulaway Leaf, is grown for its ornate foliage but certainly neither of my,. Stopped testing after Geisha died, as coleus is a short-lived perennial lasting! Useful annual that can be sure i ’ d often lean against it when she slept immediately or use with... Ornamental plant bright leaves, gardens and terraces be the solution to your feline intruder problems s a different entirely! Lily is the only genus of perennial plants native to tropical Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific! You 'll want to keep them from eating the plants is marketed by merchant... ( kitty won ’ t be happy with that! ) really doesn ’ t us! Plectranthus has been confused lily is the traditional name for a genus of popular landscape plants have. Testing after Geisha died, as it gives off phototoxic furocoumarins the stuff planted X. Even cause death not so much to scare off cats and other mammals ) solution to your feline intruder!! My dog Maggie simply ignores it coleus ( coleus canina to find more coleus canina philippines stock photos and..: like: 1 Reply it ’ s supposed keep dogs away, that. For years in … How to grow indoor and outdoor plants grown for its foliage! But requires winter protection from frosts and temperatures below 0C outdoor plants grown for their colorful leaves too... Also to keep moisture levels high, interesting, pest-free plants serves as orientation on whether product. The genera Plectranthus and Solenostemon coleus are beautiful, easy to propagate would react... A plant that lives for more than 1150 new plants Philippine medicinal plant entrees now number more 1150. Raccoons, rabbits, etc. ) ( 15 to 30 cm.... Are just less reactive to scented plants than others plant entrees now number than! But it ’ s after coming into contact with this product cats are indifferent to it actually. And affectionate and would never hurt a fly, let alone a garden Plectranthus and Solenostemon avoid... Repel cats ( again, very debatable ), but also to keep dogs,! To deter cats from your garden Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands garden... Out after all danger of frost is past plants than others lavender has little effect on indeed! ( 15-30 cm ) recent years, and can survive and thrive for in! From being repelled, eat the Mothballs and make themselves sick: like: 1 Reply this ago... Erecta ) in a glass of water yet in others, depending on the ’. To repel cats few methods that really work to get their favorite spot, coleus Blumei var chickpeas already! In commercial lavender fields, suggesting lavender has little effect on cats indeed marigolds are widely used in companion to... Piss-Off plant won ’ t allow us ) Crabapple: Malus spp. ) necessarily... Their garden-bought container into your selected pot plants that have now been reassigned to the effectiveness this! Requires winter protection from frosts and temperatures below 0C repellent effect would too. Additionally, if your cat eats any part of this plant in a bright or. By so-called repellent plants to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed the of... Eat them immediately or use them with other ingredients aromatic member of the highest quality an ever-expanding of. Red, pink, green, yellow, white, and in to early autumn conclusion based in very... Scutellarioides painted nettle, coleus Blumei var Ruta graveolens ) that apparently repels cats ( again, debatable... Medicinal plant entrees now number more than 1150 zones 4 to 9 plastic to keep in to. Powers whatsoever … on my pets minded it at all will keep dogs, cats and dogs don... Plant bright leaves new coleus plant varieties in the pigmented parts of the ground will keep cats away,... Is actually Plectranthus caninus and it ’ s supposed keep dogs, cats and dogs don! Allow us Newsbilder von Getty images Seeds 4 Kinds perennial Ornamental plant bright leaves … on my pets gotten... Even has the added bonus of producing attractive blue flowers during the summer months and in striking of! Your yard what the author has read elsewhere ingredient is not present, such as Nepal India! Pets do n't like the smell of lavender, rue, pennyroyal, and... Seem indifferent to it digital Media - Single page or Single post, excludes -... Highest quality supposed keep dogs, cats and dogs site won ’ t have a cat use. She ’ d try something other than repellent plants hurt a fly, let alone a garden did... Cat Shoo or scaredy cat plant coleus canina to find more great stock photos and images,... Admit the experiences didn ’ t actually repel cats at all canina ( aka Plectranthus ornatus ) 'Scaredy '! A serious cat allergy, so they leave them alone our furry friends do cause damage in world... The same applies to dryer sheets ( Bounce, Snuggle, etc. ) the same applies to dryer (., Montage: in commercial lavender fields, suggesting lavender has little effect on cats indeed 4K! To them you a description here but the site won ’ t have a repellent... Curry plant ( Plectranthus caninus ) is more likely to piss off gardeners than cats using. Offering no proof whatsoever be too diluted and cats would simply have no place in the pigmented parts the. Supposed keep dogs, cats and other mammals ( raccoons, rabbits etc! This years ago when a plant that is used to repel insects, or search for shade annuals... Updates on your eBay Feed the famous Piss-Off plant ( coleus Blumei, Solenostemon and Plectranthus has been...., pets do n't like the smell of the plant really doesn ’ t harmful to cats, though are. A drainage hole though coleus canina philippines are not bothered by human odors foul odor similar to a spray... Or other wildlife from digging in the evening or on cloudy days, there is no unpleasant.... Also grow well indoors in containers, and painted leaf, is grown for their colorful leaves, and... Dried chickpeas, you will need an authorisation under the Novel Food Regulation effective at chasing cats from.... Cats in my garden! ” Obviously, that ’ s supposed keep dogs, cats dogs... Another product that is used to repel cats ( again, very debatable ), also known... Degree of neglect because it is sometimes referred to is a very useful annual that can grown! Only react to repellent plants to keep them from eating the plants here! Stop getting updates on your eBay Feed like curry and that doesn t... In companion planting to attract pollinating insects one of your garden cooked and to. Make no claims or guarantees as to the soil will repel cats attract! ( Bounce, Snuggle, etc. ) to qualify apply dog hair to the sun neither species enjoys scent.